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years to come?

Let’s not beat around the bush - you’re not going to all that effort to get dolled up, book an amazing venue, profess your undying love in front of friends and family, just to look back at your photos and feel like “Meh, it was an okay day, I guess…”

I get you. You want the real deal. Your story told the way it’s meant to be - with care, passion, and just a lil’ bit of pizazz (who am I kidding, *a whole lot of pizazz*)!

That’s where I come in! Sydney-based wedding and elopement photographer extraordinaire! I’m Jaime, the creator behind Cupid & Co and your go-to gal in capturing all of life's mushy moments.




Sunset chasers

Love struck

I’m for the

You're in the right place.

And so out of that love, Cupid & Co was born!

I fell in love with all the small irreplaceable moments, from bashful first looks to heartfelt ugly crying. Every unique and special love story I got to be a part of, filled my heart with joy. It’s a special kind of privilege to have a couple trust you with safeguarding one of life’s biggest milestones and curate the story they share with generations to come.

While I’d always felt storytelling was my passion, I hadn’t realised that it was real stories I needed to tell..

Oh hey there lovers! Thanks so much for swinging by to learn about lil’ ol me! Let’s get into the good stuff. I’m a coastal dwelling, comic book reading, rom-com loving, hopeless romantic that fell into this wedding stuff by accident.
I spent my childhood and early teens convinced I’d be a movie director. I even spent two full years studying film, only to realise in my early twenties that it had lost its spark of joy - so I went full Marie Kondo and it was out with the old and in with looking for something new. Not to waste my studies, I began to search for any work with a camera in hand. I landed a job with a local wedding photography studio and from the first wedding, I was hooked! That was five years ago now and I’ve never looked back.

generally welcomed  third wheel,

Meet Jaime

Professional party-goer,

and your new fav photographer...

I have chronic hayfever, so at the slightest gust of wind my eyes water. So if you catch me crying at your wedding, it's *totally* because of that

If you talk about Harry Potter around me, prepare to become best friends. Can you guess what house I’m in? (It’s totally Ravenclaw)

Call me a worry-wart, I always keep an emergency wedding kit on me. Hair pins, sewing equipment, bandaids, deodorant, photogenic umbrellas. Anything to keep my couples looking their best!

While I love my coffee, I’m a chai-latte connoisseur at heart and always on the hunt for a great cup of that cinnamony goodness.

I’m a travel bug and keen on adventure. My favourite place I’ve travelled to, by far has to be Italy! I’m learning the language now in the hopes of getting back there one day to shoot weddings! Facciamo un po’ di ricordi!

My favourite hobby outside photography is rollerskating! I fall over at least three times a session but it’s totally worth it for all the joy of landing a new move.

Fun Facts

Let's get started

I know that having someone follow you around like paparazzi for a day isn’t exactly an everyday thing. Truthfully, getting photos taken can be daunting. That’s a perfectly natural concern. But I want to assure you, you don’t have to be a next top model for your wedding photos to look amazing. 

Part of my approach to photography is making sure you and your partner feel at ease before there’s even a camera pointed at you. I want to hear your story and all the intricacies that connect you. I want you to feel supported and understood, so that come your wedding day all you have to worry about is how excited you are to get hitched to your other half. 

my approach

You’re gonna be walking, running, hugging, kissing, hand-holding, and spinning. We’ll keep it fun and fresh, and at times intimate - but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be so wrapped up in one another you’ll forget the camera is even there!!!

The secret to capturing real emotion is in movement. 

How exactly do I get my couples looking so great? I thought you’d never ask! I’m not here to bark orders at you and pose you like an 1800s Victorian portrait sitting. I’m all about that candid-goodness baby. But have no fear, you’re not all on your own! When the moment calls for it I’ll offer direction to enhance the moment, never to detract. 


Head to Experience

More than likely, your wedding photos are a one time purchase, so it’s a privilege to be entrusted with capturing such special memories. This experience is more than just another work day for me and in turn, I want to provide an experience that you won’t forget.

I take a holistic approach to crafting this. That means from the moment of your initial enquiry to receiving your final images, I’m dedicated to using all my expertise to help streamline your day with tips and tricks, offer quality guarantees in my service and products, to ultimately craft photos that tell the real heartfelt story of you.

More than just a photographer...


Our elopement day shoot was everything we could have possibly dreamed of and Jaime was so easy to get along with, professional, friendly, and funny.

“Jaime creates magic with her photos.”


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