sydney harbour sunset couple

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Vaucluse, Sydney.

This shoot is a funny one to look back on. It was December of 2019 and we were still in the midst of some of the worst bushfires Australia had ever seen. The city had been covered in a thick smokey haze and it felt like something out of an end-of-the-world movie. 

Maddy & Luke have been long time friends of mine and they are one of the funniest couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. When I initially asked them if they’d be interested in doing a photo shoot to say they were hesitant was an understatement! However with a nudge of encouragement in the right direction we had a date booked in and were ready to go. Then a couple of days before we were supposed to shoot Maddy broke her arm. Ever the trooper, she still wanted to go ahead with the photos so long as we could hide her giant cast, hence why almost every shot she’s on the right side!

It turned out to be a super fun shoot and I think my favourite shots are the ones with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the smokey distance. 


Maddy + Luke

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